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The best of African design

African fashion prints have been a staple of the clothing industry for many years, often returning with force in the summer months. But African jewellery and fashion pieces are not simply the reserve of the festival months, they are also wonderful additions to your evening wardrobe. Colourful clutch bags, intricately beaded sandals and stunning crafted jewellery can transform an outfit for a night out or special meal to make you feel fabulous.

Friday, 05 December 2014

When you think of winter wardrobe staples, what comes to mind? Thick knits, warm boots, scarves and hats? When planning a winter outfit, we might envisage crisp, cold days wrapped up in thick materials, looking for inspiration in Scandinavian countries, perhaps. But did you know that in fact some of the most amazing winter pieces originate from typically sunny climes? African fashion is becoming increasingly popular on Autumn/Winter catwalks because of the incredibly high-quality materials from the colder regions of the continent and vibrant styles.

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Autumn and winter is all about glamming up with a bit of sparkling jewellery for the party season. But this year, don’t opt for the standard silver pendants, add a touch of African fashion to accessorise your outfits and really express your personality through the cooler months. Stand out from the crowd with a statement piece that looks that little bit different, and has a whole story of its own to tell. We have just released an exclusive new range of African jewellery for the season, in which every piece is handmade by talented African artisans. Here are a few of our favourite pieces from the collection that could transform your winter wardrobe.

Monday, 27 October 2014

African fashion is becoming increasingly popular across the world, as trade in the continent expands its reach to a global market and people internationally are realising more and more that Africa is home to some of the most beautiful styles ever created. As we mentioned in a previous blog, African designs steeped in local tradition are now being adopted by fashion-forward individuals in western countries, such as the Basotho blanket which is now even being stocked by high street stores such as Anthropologie.

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Bathrooms might not seem like the most exciting room of your home, but each one of us spends much of our day in our bathroom, getting ready in the morning and talking a relaxing bath after work to keep us in our best frame of mind throughout each week. Bathrooms are an important part of our lives, so creating a stylish space as you go about your daily routine can really enhance your mood as you prepare for the day ahead. An African towel can really inject a splash of colour into your bathroom interior.

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Whether you’re making making of the sunshine by hosting an evening barbecue in the garden with the extended family, or warming up a chilly night with a sophisticated dinner party, stylish tableware is a must. African home accessories make every meal that extra bit special with quality authentic materials, striking designs and rich colours, served from the artisans of Africa itself straight to your dinner table.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Our new Collection has arrived : earthy and fabulous for a vibrant African Fall !  Meticulously sewn in South Africa with traditional Kuba cloth and finest african linen:  we love the ancient geometric and abstract shapes that have inspired Kuba people for centuries.

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Now that we’re heading into the cosy autumn season, we are starting to see predictions of which interior design trends will be popular for 2014-15. Recently, Paste Magazine released their top ten interior trends for autumn and winter. Reading through the selection, it struck us that every single one of the suggestions could be perfectly achieved with African fashion for the home. So, here are our top five trends predicted and how we think that African home accessories could be used with them to create amazing results!

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Anyone who’s seen TV shows like Dawn O’Porter’s This Old Thing, or has even simply walked down the high street in the past couple of years, will know that vintage clothing is a bigger trend than possibly ever before. Perhaps it’s because of a raised environmental awareness in society encouraging us to reuse clothes that are already out there rather than buy from large brands using resources and making emissions. Maybe it’s simply a fashion. Either way, the only way to dress in 2014 is in authentic outfits with retro pieces. Vintage African outfits offer this unique edge, and then some…

If you’re heading down to the seaside this summer, stylish beach accessories are a must. Beach trips are often the highlight of the summer, and having an organised, on-trend beach kit makes the experience much more relaxing and luxurious. African bags and towels are bang on trend, gorgeous and practical, so are the perfect accessory for when you’re heading down to the sea. Make a statement on the sands with bold print African bags and wrap up in style with sleek towels, hand made by creative African artisans.

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It’s about that time of year when we all start searching for a few new additions to our summer wardrobe. In the sunshine, bright colours and eclectic prints become not only acceptable but celebrated. Year on year we see African-inspired patterns come back into fashion as the sun comes out. There’s just something about the vibrant tones and bold designs that make African fashion perfect for lifting your mood in summer. Sometimes just a dash of Africa can bring a new lease of life to an outfit, so here are our top five African accessories for summer 2014.

Summer is upon us, and the worldwide festival scene is gearing up to flaunt their colours at this year’s circuit starting at Glastonbury yesterday. Year after year African styles, particularly tribal prints and tropical patterns, top the ‘must-have buy’ lists in every magazine. This year is no different.

British summer weather may not be very reliable, but with the help of a bit of Lalibella African sunshine, you can brighten up your home and garden every day. Afro-chic is very on-trend at the moment, and there’s nowhere better to find authentic home accessories handmade in Africa. Here are our favourite products that double up for your summer home and garden.

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Shed the dreary autumn mood: beat any weather with Lalibella’s fabulous new Wax Print accessories: Umbrellas, trilby hats, and clutch bags skillfully made in South Africa, practical and stylish, to give you a swinging mood in those rainy days. In traditional West African Wax Print, our umbrellas have a button for automatic opening and luxurious wooden handles The matching hats and clutch bags are light, water resistant: perfect for rain and sun ! All profits of...
An exciting new label for African accessories is born! Lalibella show cases high quality hand made products from Africa, demonstrating beautiful craftsmanship. Lalibella takes us into a world of ethical, hand crafted accessories and fashion items, made with professional care and unique designs by skilled women in Africa. This first collection includes handbags, beach bags, African baskets, belts, shoes, African Placemats, jewellery, carpets, African towels, cushions and other home accessories. Profit from all sales will flow...

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