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The best of African design

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Jabu carpet in Seagrass - Yellow
Victoria Carpet - Raspberry and Smoke
Bespoke Swaziland Carpets

Bespoke round Carpet handmade in Swaziland - any color, any diametre, made to measure

Our carpets are a brilliant example of traditional weaving brought into our modern world.

You will love the fine weave, the round design and the beautiful quality of the finished product. Handmade by a prize-winning company which empowers more than 750 women in Swaziland, giving them the possibility to learn, and develop a trade, producing high-quality Home Accessories for our stylish buyers.

We can make any size and any pattern/colour. Just send us an email to Otherwise, this very one is available straight away for the price indicated.

- Made in Swaziland

- Woven Lutindzi Grass


By buying this carpet you will sponsor one or more children's education in one of the three Give A Future's schools in Addis Ababa.


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All profit goes to charity

Laibella supports UK registered charity Give A Future, benefitting 10,000 women and children in Ethiopia through education, training and micro-finance. Find out more about Give A Future here.