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Get to know your African Beads with Lalibella

January 22, 2016 lalibella lalibella

One of many forms of adornment used among the Eastern and African communities, beadwork is arguably the most popular. With the arrival of vibrant coloured beads from Europe in the 19th century, African jewellery underwent a vast transformation. Gone were the bone, wood and ostrich eggshell materials that had historically been so vital in creating […]

African Jewellery from the cradle of civilisation

January 5, 2016 lalibella lalibella

Due to a combination of natural resources and superb craftsmanship, African jewellery has a lofty reputation the world over. Not only is the quality second to none, the beauty and variety of piecesdoes not fail to dazzle. Bright African Jewellery So where did it all begin? The answer is a very long time ago indeed. […]

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