About Us

Young designers, talented artisans and strong traditional skills: Africa sizzles with creative energy. A love of beautiful things we want to share with the rest of the world. LALIBELLA is the corner for exciting home, fashion and design, all MADE IN AFRICA, ETHICALLY produced, to EMPOWER local artisans, and PROMOTE new vibrant creatives.

Placemats, Carpets …woven in Swaziland by a team of 750 women : Gone Rural trains and employs them to make a difference in their communities.Through the incredible projects of Design Afrika, we are able to show the best creations of many remote cultures. Zulu, Xhosa, Omo, Batonga, Ovambo, Tuareg and many more… In Kenya, we were priviliged to meet Adele de Jak ; a real warrior for women’s empowerment. Her jewellery pieces are stunning statements of strong femininity and passion for life.

The tranquil force of the founder of Bush Princess, has opened our eyes on how difficult it is to build a solid brand, with high quality leather products, always giving priority to fair trade business and social responsibility.

In Ethiopia, where our Give A Future educational projects are based, we have developed true friendships with the founder of Sabahar a very successful and visionary workshop, sourcing the best sustainable materials and training people in a really loving environment, as well as with Sammy’s : great leather workshop where our star tie-die bags are made.

Stunning creations with a beautiful story behind.

We work closely with each one of our producers, with great passion for craftsmanship and traditional skills. We love supporting new vibrant designers like Shine-Shine in colorful Bo-Kaap.

The Maasai of Tanzania, trained by visionary designers at Sidai,  create the most contemporary and versatile beaded jewellery.

Mohair is a natural eco-friendly traditional South African product. We have just found The Seen : a young funky designer producing the most beautiful jumpers with a whole collective of women artisans.


It’s the energy of young designers, their vision and creativity, which we want to infuse in each one of our products.
Our dream : to support more and more projects that empower and employ marginalized groups while ensuring high quality products.

The Charity behind it : Give A Future

Lalibella’s profits go into Give A Future charity : an NGO we founded 10 years ago and which today educates 10 000 children and adults in Ethiopia. Click HERE to discover more about the charity behind Lalibella.

About the Founders and partners

Stephanie Ferrario, Tania Aragona and Stefania Calice

We took a long journey through Fashion, Design, Arts and Photography, to finally arrive to Lalibella!

All three of us have been marked by the African Continent, and continue to be inspired by its energy, colors and fascinating creativity.