African Accessories for Stylish Dinner Parties

September 11, 2014 adammediastreetcouk

Whether you’re making making of the sunshine by hosting an evening barbecue in the garden with the extended family, or warming up a chilly night with a sophisticated dinner party, stylish tableware is a must. African home accessories make every meal that extra bit special with quality authentic materials, striking designs and rich colours, served from the artisans of Africa itself straight to your dinner table.

Strikingly detailed African dining ware

Placemats are one of the most effective ways of making a statement with your tableware that will immediately impress your guests. Our Ntombi table centres are handwoven by women in Swaziland with exquisite flower-shaped patterns that really draw in the eye, and are perfect for placing shared platters or bowls. For a refined, simple look, our Labombo and Gobez African placemats are perfect with their striking circular shapes and bold colours. The Gobez range are handwoven in Ethiopia with dried Ethiopian grasses, and the Labombo mats woven in Swaziland, all uniquely. With a set of these mats your table will immediately speak individuality and an evening of style.

Dinner served up on a chic African tray

The most eagerly-anticipated moment for any dinner guest is that minute when the host is carrying the food towards the table ready to be tasted. If you want to display your dishes at their very best, an African tray will add that touch of restaurant professionalism to the food reveal. Our large Samis trays are ideal for carrying a couple of mains plates or a few sides with ease and slickness to your guests.

Uncork in style with an African bottle holder

Another important aspect of any good dinner party is serving a delicious drink. Whilst we can’t offer you a fine wine, we can tell you exactly how to carry the chosen bottle beautifully. Our Salsa African Bottle Holders have been intricately woven by women in Ethiopia, using sturdy materials that look simple yet gorgeous at any table. A real story is communicated by these African home accessories, you can really see the authenticity and time that went into making the product.

African baskets for sharing treats

Our African baskets are immensely popular due to their truly eye-catching designs and high quality finish. The Ntombi range is particularly sought-after with the intricate patterns that almost explode out of the centre of the basket. Woven by talented women in Swaziland, the Sand Dune African basket is particularly pretty due to the pastel colours that almost conjure up images of the sandy African shores. Combine these with a Ntombi placemat to hold shared side treats and your table will look very sleek. This is an item that really provokes interest, so it’s not just an absolutely fabulous addition to your dining ware, but also a brilliant conversation starter.

Set yourself, and your dining table, up for the dream dinner party with our range of authentic African accessories for the home today. Then simply send out the invites, cook up a tasty meal and see your guests impressed by the seamless event you have hosted, with a touch of African magic.

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