African Fashion Aces Top 5 Autumn/Winter Interior Trends

September 1, 2014 adammediastreetcouk

Now that we’re heading into the cosy autumn season, we are starting to see predictions of which interior design trends will be popular for 2014-15. Recently, Paste Magazine released their top ten interior trends for autumn and winter. Reading through the selection, it struck us that every single one of the suggestions could be perfectly achieved with African fashion for the home. So, here are our top five trends predicted and how we think that African home accessories could be used with them to create amazing results!

1. ‘Saturated colours’ with bold African design shades

According to the article, by autumn we will be moving away from the monochrome and neutral tones and instead opting for rich, ‘saturated’ tones such as plum and navy. The idea is that these shades are highly versatile and can be used along with many styles. Many of our African baskets feature shades such as these, along with other bright colours that are great for adding a splash of colour to any room ready to warm up your winter.

2. ‘Rich fabrics’ handmade in Africa

In autumn and winter, the cold is thought to make us want to wrap up and furnish our homes with thick, luxurious fabrics. ‘Sophisticated yet durable’ is the ideal, complementing the rich colour schemes of the season. All of our home accessories are made out of high quality materials made from natural sources in African countries. Our African cushions and towels, for example, are handwoven out of Ethiopian cotton, a textile which is sumptuous, light and soft, all perfect for the new season.

3. ‘Modern takes on classic patterns’ from African tradition

It is predicted that soon we will be embracing bold patterns, mixing prints and looking for a way to modernise our interiors. At Lalibella, all of our African designs are made by local artisans, influenced by the rich cultural history but created with a modern twist. For example, many of our African baskets are handwoven using a mixture of traditional materials and modern additions such as telephone wires for the perfect fusion of past and present.

4. ‘Meaningful accessories’ that change lives in Africa

We believe that this is a trend that should always be in fashion. Less is more when it comes to adding home accessories to any room, and so you will always achieve the most striking results with a few gorgeous pieces that are close to your heart. Lalibella home accessories such as our stunning African vases are some of the most meaningful pieces you will find. Created by hand with local materials in Swaziland, using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations, these vases are truly special, and each is unique and authentic. What’s more, by investing in one your new centrepiece will donate money to the Give a Life charity which helps African people improve their lives for the future.

5. ‘Natural elements’ from around the continent

Natural materials are going to be all the rage in autumn and winter, particularly in fabrics and furnishings. Every single one of our products is made in an environmentally-friendly way from authentic and natural African materials. This can be seen in our range of gorgeous African rugs among many other handwoven home accessories that will look beautifully natural in your home.

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