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December 11, 2015 lalibella lalibella

Here at Lalibella, we’re passionate about producing, collaborating and selling the best in design and craft from countries across Africa. While everyone enjoys to treat themselves from time to time, there is nothing like giving to others and that’s why Christmas is one of our favourite times of the year!

Our team in countries throughout Africa have been working relentlessly to give you a huge choice of bold and bright pieces, ready to gift your loved ones this year. Here’s our pick of the best pieces to fill your stockings or sit under those festive trees:

Elephant Whiskey Tumbler, £25
This exquisite drinks tumbler was handmade in Swaziland from 100% recycled glass and is a true show of craftsmanship. The sculptural pewter decoration is a real luxurious touch and gives it that unique edge so desired in a gift these days. This is a gift that you could give to anyone and preserved for years to come. Buy the Elephant Whiskey Tumbler here.

Ntombi Table Centre, £18
The setting of the table can be one of the most important jobs on Christmas Day. Gift one of our stunning table centre’s to the hostess to add a pop of colour and a taste of traditional Africa to the Christmas table. As they are handwoven by a team of women in Swaziland, each one is different and has its own artistic slant. Buy the Ntombi Table Centre here.

Adele Kuba Clutch Bag, £225
This Kuba Clutch Bag is a fabulous gift, reserved for a woman of impeccable taste. The handwoven piece, made from the raffia cloth of Congo, is the work of African designer Adele Dejak and is one of the most glamorous pieces on the Lalibella site.The Kuba Clutch mixes ethnicity with contemporary fashion and will see the lucky recipient through the festive party season with ease. Buy the Adele Kuba Clutch Bag here.

Bayo Sandals, £40
For the friend who is already dreaming of warmer climates or constantly jetting off on holiday, the Bayo Sandals are the perfect fit. These intricately beaded shoes are handmade in Kenya and the genuine leather soles are meticulously dried, sun dried and stitched. Christmas and the New Year are prime times to start booking summer holidays, so give your friend the push she’s looking for to get on that plane! Buy the Bayo Sandals here.

Moondance Earrings by Made, £25
Jewellery can be one of the most special pieces you can buy someone, so why not introduce them to one of our unique Kenyan designers? An elegant addition to a dinner party outfit, these drop earrings are made of brass, bone and resin. They are designed and produced by Made, a socially conscious company based in Kenya, which trains and helps its employees to succeed. After all, Christmas is nothing without a little festive sparkle and a lot of goodwill. Buy the Moondance Earings by Made here.

Machungwa Waxed Umbrella, £45
Unfortunately here in the UK we aren’t blessed with the best weather conditions at this time of year. But why do the shorter days, darker nights and heavier clouds mean you can’t give someone the gift of colour this year? Our wax-print umbrellas have been a huge hit and are a fabulously African addition to any outfit. Skillfully made in South Africa, the Machungwa design is sturdy, stylish and will make a dazzling present for a family or friend in 2015. Buy the Machungwa Waxed Umbrella here.

Teri Large Floor Vase, £225
The beautiful textures and striking colours of our exclusive floor vases from Swaziland will make a big impact in any home. A homeware present can often be a risky choice, but we think this vase will be a standout gift for anyone with an interest in interiors. The on-trend yet timeless shape and design of the vase means it will be a present cherished and passed down for generations to come. Buy the Teri Large Floor Vase here.

Christmas is a time for spending time with friends and family, enjoying the festivities and giving gifts special to the both of you. Here at Lalibella, we’re pleased to be able to give back to our incredible teams in Africa, and would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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