How to revolutionise your home with African baskets

August 7, 2015 lalibella lalibella

As the popular saying goes, it’s the little things that count. This couldn’t be more true than when it comes to the home – or rather, the act of making a house a home. The feeling when you find the perfect key rack, when you finally hang that mirror or fix the kitchen cabinet – no matter what else happens that day, you feel accomplished and organised.

Most of us could do with a bit more organisation in our lives and space in our homes. Luckily, there is one item that can help you with both and lend you some style and that is woven African baskets. When made by true craftsmen and women, weaving results in a durable and high quality product; and, what’s equally important – they look great.

So here are some simple ideas for organising and styling your home in minutes with African baskets.

In the hallway

Hallways are often neglected when it comes to décor but one standout piece is all you need. Add a touch of elegance and nature to yours by potting a small, leafy bay tree or if you don’t like watering, a silk palm tree, into an earth-toned basket. The perfect rustic chic hallway!

In the living room

African baskets come in many shapes and sizes – for the living room, look for flat, round baskets that feature interesting patterns and colours. Arrange them on your wall to create a piece of personalised art that’s sure to get everyone talking.

In the dining room

For a breakfast table spread that transports you to your best hotel memories, grab a short, wide-woven basket and fill it with fresh, steaming bread and pastries. Put the meaning back into “bread basket”; need we say more?

In the bathroom

With just a little bit of drilling know-how, you can create your own unique and functional bathroom storage solution. Attach several small baskets (three usually work well, but adjust for the space you have), to the bathroom wall with either the top facing outwards or upwards, depending on your preference. Instantly you have the perfect place on which to put your extra towels or toilet rolls.

In the bedroom

Find a nice, big jar-shaped woven basket and replace that springy old laundry bag! Woven baskets are light and easy to carry, especially those with handles, so there’ll be no trouble when it’s laundry time. Plain baskets work brilliantly with patterned rugs; otherwise, go for some colour on your basket.

Additionally, smaller baskets can be used as wardrobe organisers – one for scarves and another for socks!

So there you have it; just a few of the many ways you can use the humble woven African basket to revolutionise your whole home.

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