Let the sun shine…

June 30, 2015 lalibella lalibella

As the days get longer and the sun gets hotter, you need to think about protecting your eyes. However, before you head off to buy yet another pair of plastic sunglasses that won’t last the season, take a moment to consider what your choice in eyewear says about you. Investing in something classic that will last is the perfect way to make an informed, eco-friendly choice, and a pair of iconic sunglasses is a great asset to any wardrobe. As a continent that is known for beating the heat in style, African fashion offers a fantastic assortment of stunning, practical sunglasses for you to try.

African Sunglasses

The eternally feminine cat eye frame is so incredibly flattering – that sleek upward swoosh lifting those cheekbones sky high! They bring a pert, sassy quality to the face. Referencing everything from 1950s B-movies to contemporary geek chic, cat eye frames are a definite classic and would make a valuable and lasting addition to your wardrobe. Try pairing these frames with a traditional striped top for a very summery, cool look; the model and actress Liya Kebede has designed some amazing tops that would work very well here. In cotton that’s so perfectly crisp and almost diaphanous, they embody the very spirit of modern African cool with deep printed stripes making a bold fashion statement.

Another pair of African sunglasses that you should consider is the iconic wayfarer frame. A veritable classic that comes loaded with the very essence of rock and roll, these are universally flattering and will never go out of fashion. Take a look at some of the gorgeous sunglasses coming out of Africa right now, using beautiful, tactile zebra print and ebony woods to create something highly innovative and the very epitome of African fashion. Materials that are breathable with high quality UV lenses make these products great investment pieces, created by artisans who benefit directly from your fashion choice.

Summer Styling

Aviator-style sunglasses are another design classic. Their popularity crested and waned throughout the 1970s and 1980s, and is now enjoying a bit of a style renaissance. Full lenses with excellent quality UV protection will protect your eyes, whether you’re enjoying some responsible tourism in the world’s hottest climes, or pottering in your own back yard. A look like this deserves the full glam treatment: a funky, striped jumpsuit in vibrant traditional African stripes and a pair of strappy silver sandals would complete the retro style statement. When the sun goes down, hook the frames over your neckline; sunglasses like these should be constantly on display, not hidden away in your beach bag!

Once you have chosen a frame you like, you should give some thought to the little touches that will make your classic style statement something that is quintessentially your own. Novel design elements that only come with artisan craftsmanship will make a startling difference, and you’ll be investing in something that will endure, with designs that you will wear again and again.

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