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4 African Models Who have Changed Fashion History

June 2, 2015 lalibella lalibella

The African fashion industry isn’t entirely credited to the authentic, colourful and cultural look it can create. Much of the credit falls upon the iconic African fashion models who have stormed into the industry over the last few decades. Together, they have brought to light the fact that cultural diversity should be celebrated, specifically through […]

Our new Summer bags are to die for!

April 16, 2015 lalibella lalibella

Set yourself apart from the high street crowd with our fabuloulsy unique Summer Bags. The Made tote bag in tan leather is a practical yet chic city bag for the summer with stunning details and brass accessories. It has a “little brother” in it’s omonymous cross-body bag…worn over the shoulder with your best outfits this […]

4 steps to plan your spring summer wardrobe

March 27, 2015 lalibella lalibella

It’s time for every fashion-conscious girl or guy to start planning their outfits for spring and summer. As the temperatures rise and the sun shines longer every day, you’ll want a wardrobe that suits the switching mood. But how do you make sure both your spring and summer wear gets you the right kind of […]

Top facts about African jewellery

March 5, 2015 lalibella lalibella

Whilst jewellery is an important symbol of style in any country, African jewellery can be considered special, as it is a style that has become popular all over the world, and never seems to go out of fashion. African jewellery tends to be fairly large and bold, making it an ideal statement piece for any […]

An African Bag for Every Occasion

January 30, 2015 lalibella lalibella

An African bag is the perfect accessory to add a unique edge to your outfit. Whether you are looking for a simple, classic design or a bright, beautiful print that just exudes African fashion, you are in the right place. If you thought that African bags were only fit for the summer months or the […]

Putting on the Glitz: African Fashion Style

January 13, 2015 lalibella lalibella

African fashion prints have been a staple of the clothing industry for many years, often returning with force in the summer months. But African jewellery and fashion pieces are not simply the reserve of the festival months, they are also wonderful additions to your evening wardrobe. Colourful clutch bags, intricately beaded sandals and stunning crafted […]

An African Fashion Winter Wonderland

December 5, 2014 lalibella lalibella

When you think of winter wardrobe staples, what comes to mind? Thick knits, warm boots, scarves and hats? When planning a winter outfit, we might envisage crisp, cold days wrapped up in thick materials, looking for inspiration in Scandinavian countries, perhaps. But did you know that in fact some of the most amazing winter pieces […]

African Fashion Gaining Force in the UK

October 27, 2014 lalibella lalibella

African fashion is becoming increasingly popular across the world, as trade in the continent expands its reach to a global market and people internationally are realising more and more that Africa is home to some of the most beautiful styles ever created. As we mentioned in a previous blog, African designs steeped in local tradition […]

Authentic African Towels to Brighten your Bathroom

October 9, 2014 lalibella lalibella

Bathrooms might not seem like the most exciting room of your home, but each one of us spends much of our day in our bathroom, getting ready in the morning and talking a relaxing bath after work to keep us in our best frame of mind throughout each week. Bathrooms are an important part of […]

African Accessories for Stylish Dinner Parties

September 11, 2014 lalibella lalibella

Whether you’re making making of the sunshine by hosting an evening barbecue in the garden with the extended family, or warming up a chilly night with a sophisticated dinner party, stylish tableware is a must. African home accessories make every meal that extra bit special with quality authentic materials, striking designs and rich colours, served […]

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